35 day health elevation

9/14/19 - 10/20/19

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Are you ready for a RESET?

Do you experience bouts of bloating, indigestion, irritability, unclear direction?

Are you feeling disconnected from yourSelf?

Your Body?

Maybe you’ve settled for good enough only to contend with a deeper, unshakeable KNOWING…

I DESERVE to feel Sexy, Happy, Lean and Strong…

you’re right.

You always are.

It’s time to start listening to your GUT!

The way you FEEL in your body affects how you show up everywhere else in your life.  And the way you FEEL about your life shows up in – and on your body.  Reconnecting Gut-Brain communication is a gateway for accessing your body intelligence and lasting wellness!

Work with a cutting-edge Nutrition Plan and Detox Protocols to clear out all the muck. The Gut-Brain Detox delivers a lifelong practice to reduce inflammation, navigate anxiety, clarify your mindset, and experience radiant wellness. Your body inherently knows the foods you should be eating, the movement it craves, the stillness it hopes for. This program shows us how to interpret the cues. Oh, and if you want to lose weight, you’ll do that, too. But this time, you’ll keep it off!

How we communicate

  • Private Facebook Forum (live coaching, topic discussion, community support)

  • 3 LIVE CALLS (recorded)

  • Downloadable PDFs - Nutrition Guidance, Life Practices, Body Education

  • Videos - Nutrition Prep, Awareness Practices, and Program Support

What TO expect

  • Easy-to-follow Nutrition Templates

  • DIY Digestive Teas, Detox Soups, and Green Juices

  • Delicious Recipes

  • Clean Out Toxic Build-up (Physical, Mental, and Emotional)

  • RESET Your Metabolism

  • Reduce Inflammation and Restore Gut Health

  • Transform neurological STRESS patterns

  • Reconnect Body Intuition

Your investment

  • Early Bird $333 (until August 31) - OR - $444 (until September 10)

Weekly ROOTS


Create space

Eliminate toxins *Home, Body, Mind*

Detox Juices, Soups and Teas

Boost Alkalinity

*LIVE ZOOM CALL - SAT 9/14 - 12:30pm*


Embody Healthy Digestion

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

Stabilize Blood-Sugar

BioHack Bloating, Inflammation, Cravings

Tuning into Thoughts



Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

Digestive Reset Strategies

Detox and Clarify Gut-Brain Signaling

Tuning into Sensation




Keto-ish Meal Plan

Activate Cellular Repair

Increase Metabolic Flexibility

Interpret Intuitive Language


Intuitive inTEGRATION

Hybrid Meal Plan - Structure & Flow

Body RESET Tool Box - Prepare for the Bounce!

Trusting your GUT


What is the Gut-Brain AXIS?

The Enteric Nervous System in your belly houses 100 million neurons that connect you to feeling your inner world. Known as the second brain, your GI tract actually has the most contact with the outer world than any other organ. It is a constant source of primal feedback to your body’s needs.  The signals originating in the belly are full of relevant information to help you attend to appetite, emotions, and stress.

Have you ever experienced butterflies in your stomach? Gut instinct reveals how you feel about something instantaneously, without mental processing. Your body physically communicates to you through sensation and somehow you just KNOW what to do. According to neurobiological research Gut-Brain crosstalk is a bidirectional communication system, “ensuring proper maintenance of GI health and digestion, as well as regulating mood, motivation and higher cognitive functions, including intuitive decision making”. What we eat affects our mood, and what we think affects our bellies. A vicious or enlightening cycle, depending on how we approach the system.

Gut-Brain connection is the backdoor to your nervous system. It is a direct interface to improving digestion, ridding toxins, and managing stress. It’s also a fascinating tool that can elevate how you feel about yourself, your day, and the world around you. Clarifying the channel between belly and mind gets to the HEART of our health.

Have you talked to your belly lately?

bodies feel

Do you experience Bloating or Indigestion on a regular basis?

When you breathe, is your belly soft and relaxed? Tight and constricted?

MINDs feel

When you glance at your calendar, do any of these words come to mind… Over-obligated, Overwhelmed, Pressured, Not in control?

emotions feel

Is your calendar so tied up that you’re not even sure where to look for emotions? Do they sometimes bubble up at inappropriate and unexpected moments?

Maintaining gut health helps optimize metabolism and clarifies internal desires.   In my opinion, it is the most important physical component to achieving longevity, mental wellbeing, and a rocking body.  The neurotransmitters in your gut lining play a huge role in how you feel emotionally.  Neuroscience has proven that gut inflammation down-regulates mood and increases anxiety.  An Anti-inflammatory Nutrition Plan and Stress-Release Practices are crucial to enhancing cellular communication and regulating emotional well-being. We need both to achieve lasting results.

What are people saying about our Nutrition Programs?

"I am no longer that mom, wife, sister, friend that feels like all I do is give, feel resentful because I come last...I've waited for this time."

"...what a gift to take time to reconnect with our bodies, to find our essence, to nurture, to know that it serves us well regardless of life's switch ups." 

"Knowing that life happens, we get distracted, beat ourselves up when things don't go as planned; yet knowing we can pause, reset, forgive ourselves, and not give up — knowing we are held by each other." 

About me. About your program.

I am a movement and embodiment practitioner, facilitating change in both the inner and outer landscapes of the body-mind-spirit through nutrition counseling, strength training, empowerment coaching, and energy work.  The guidance I share is a fusion of modern nutrition/body science and ancient wisdom principles.  When put into daily practice, profound health changes can be made at the physical and emotional level.  

Our bodies are not only how we show up in the world but also our Greatest Messenger.  I think this is a deserving title for the highest care and attention!  Getting the food “right” is paramount for successful weight-loss and is also a determinant for how you feel in your body at every moment— not just when you step on a scale!  Our eating habits, food choices, and even food fears are a window into our emotional environment. 

That being said, food is about nourishment, not restriction.   You will be introduced to different habits, body/food focuses, meal planning techniques, belief system guidance, and education on all the “why’s” throughout our time together.  In my experience, connecting to the fullness of your intention and understanding the roadmap are the keys to sustainable change.  That is why this is not a “calorie counting program”.  We will check in with caloric intake, but maintaining your new physique after this program will be based on two things: 

1) increased level of awareness and self-care/love

2) improved hormonal environment

Think of metabolism as the SUM of hormonal communication.  Our aim each week is to continue shifting your internal environment so that your outer/physical world expresses what you desire!

This is ALL about YOU.  Become a witness to what holds you back, what overpowers you, where you over-control, where you need structure, etc.  Then connect to what you really, REALLY want to feel, believe, and be.  As we explore together, you will likely find your body to be a very poignant messenger.   Being receptive to its messages is a healthy choice. Establishing a healthy relationship with food can be an incredible gateway to accessing a sense of freedom in your life.