Learn to play in your body, blast fat and get stronger than ever before!  As an RKC-certifying instructor, Katie creates a safe space to progress your skillset, no matter what your starting level.  This fusion of kettlebell, barbell, and bodyweight exercises will tone your body from every angle.  Class ends with guided meditation, attuning your nervous system to repair, recover, and invite NEW strength at the cellular level.



First time clients, please reserve your space: Petersenkatie1@gmail.com.


  • MON 9:30am

  • TUES 6:00pm

  • WED 9:30am

  • FRI 12:00pm

  • SAT 8:00am


1750 N. Kingsbury St. (Goose Island Crossfit: Upstairs)


Parking Info: 

Free lot parking

Email any questions to Katie: petersenkatie1@gmail.com 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am new to fitness and/or have never used Kettlebells?
All of Katie’s classes are open to all levels. If you are new to the kettlebell, you can expect 1-on-1 coaching on foundational skills along with a killer workout.

Can I participate if I have an injury?
It’s important to have clearance from your doctor. If you do, the kettlebell can be an incredible rehab tool. As a movement specialist, Katie will guide you through the appropriate modifications for your body, which may vary from the class workout.

How can I sign up?
If you have never trained with us, please email petersenkatie1@gmail.com to reserve your space.  Classes can be purchased here (Join a Class) or via Quickpay/Paypal - petersenkatie1@gmail.com or Venmo - katie-petersen-18

What is the class structure?
10min Mobility and Flow warm up
10min KB/bodyweight Strength Circuit I (Movement Prep)
25min KB/bodyweight Strength Circuit II
10 min Conditioning Blast
5 min Recovery (Guided Meditation)

What is the KETTLE PRT competition?
The KETTLE PRT is a barbell and kettlebell lifting competition. It brings athletes together for a common fitness goal: a reason to train smart, with intention, and push yourself to new limits. This team event will challenge your maximal strength, level of conditioning, and ability to RISE TO THE OCCASION! Our classes are specifically designed to prepare you for this incredible event. More information can be found under COMPETITION or Contact Us.

How will I know which weights to use?
When you are being introduced to new movements, you will learn to pattern using very light weights and progress at your body’s level. You ultimately have jurisdiction over which weights you choose but will be guided every step of the way.