28 Days of EMPOWERED Feminine Rhythm



I see the Goddess inside of you.  

We have all worked way too hard, for way too long - exhausting ourselves at work, giving away precious time, energy, and care without exchange, endlessly chasing the body we hope to see, and pushing down those feelings we hope we never see.. 

I got tired just writing about it. 

This 28 Day Womens-only Immersion will take you down a path to embrace the freedom you have always deserved.  You will access the deepest honoring of your natural rhythms, learning how to genuinely listen to your body.   


Spaces will be limited.  If you would like to be notified, please contact petersenkatie1@gmail.com

Each month, our feminine bodies experience a life-death cycle that uniquely aligns with the phases of the moon.   We will attune to both these cosmic energies as will as tracking each phase of your own cycle.  You will be guided on how to align with each phase through supplementations, eating or avoiding certain foods, how to approach your energy, and much more!  Our cycles are a blessing!  We have genuine indicators on when to launch that project because you are just that magnetic; to create space for introspection; to organize your home; to give yourself a break from productivity. 

I have a secret...

Your body wants to be healthy, light, resilient and strong.  As you become your body, you will more effortlessly live in a state of intuition - choosing nourishment over punishment.  Collectively we will shed old stories, layers of self-criticism and give birth to embodied transformation.

What to look forward to:

  • Private forum (on-going coaching)

  • Moon Cycle Charting

  • Aligning with cosmic energies

  • Eating for your cycle (food and supplements)

  • Meal template options

  • Creating ritual

  • Guided meditations, live calls, and video support

  • Awareness practices

  • Group activities/meet-up (TBA)

What are people saying about the EMPOWERED programs?

"I am no longer that mom, wife, sister, friend that feels like all I do is give, feel resentful because I come last...I've waited for this time."

"...what a gift to take time to reconnect with our bodies, to find our essence, to nurture, to know that it serves us well regardless of life's switch ups." 

"Knowing that life happens, we get distracted, beat ourselves up when things don't go as planned, yet knowing we can pause, reset, to not give up, forgive ourselves, knowing we are held by each other." 


60 Days of EMPOWERED Health Holiday Series

December 1 - January 29


life is yummy

Get a head start on the holiday guilt...in fact, let's do away with GUILT all together!  This is not a rule book.  This is not a DIET.  This is a roadmap to Balance and Body Love.  We will navigate the holiday season in a way that nurtures your mind, body, soul... and waistline!
60 Days of EMPOWERED Health is an 8-week dive into YOU with guidance on Nutrition, Rewiring Beliefs and everything Self-care.  Whether you are trying to lose weight or simply feel better, this program will provide "just enough" structure along with life-long practices to realign you with your flow.  

Registration Opens October 1.  Spaces are limited to keep an intimate coaching environment. 

If you would like to pre-register, please contact petersenkatie1@gmail.com. 

It's time to be FIRST on your to-do list. 

We launch on Tuesday, November 6, (live/recorded call for non-local) to meet one another, explain the "getting started", and get crystal clear on what it is YOU want to experience, achieve, feel.  Our EMPOWERMENT collective gathers in a private Facebook forum for team Accountability, Education, Recipe-sharing, and ongoing Coaching.  This is also where you will receive access to the weekly focus, meal changes, assignments, videos and more (see below).   



A few other things to get excited about...

We will meet on Tuesday's at 6pm, to move our bodies, empower transformation, and share more about each week's topic.  This small group class will meet your body exactly where you are, incorporating barbells, kettlebells, bands and more.  Measurements will be taken on Weeks 1, 4, and 8.

The program includes 8 Classes.  If you cannot make Tuesday, you are welcome to attend any other time:

  • M 9:30am

  • T 6:00pm

  • W 9:30am

  • F 12:00pm

  • Sa 8:00am


Week 1:

  • Habit Set-up

  • Breakfast Makeover

  • Sugar Detox Hacks

Week 2:

  • Starting Meal Plan*

  • Tuning into Body Cues (Observation charting)

  • Restaurant and Travel Hacks

Week 3:

  • Changing Habits (Craving strategies)

  • Ayurvedic practices

  • Manifesting Intentions

Week 4:

  • Macronutrients for Activity*

  • Stoking Digestive Power

  • Gut health and Your MOOD

Week 5:

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Mind detox

  • Bulletproofing for a Busy Lifestyle

Week 6:

  • Macronutrients for YOUR Body-type*

  • Intuitive Eating 101

  • Developing a Healthy Relationship with Food

Week 7:

  • Ketogenic Eating*

  • Estrogen Detox and Balance

  • Recommitting Intentions


  • How to maintain

  • Self-care practices

  • 5 Golden Rules

About me. About your program.

I am an embodied movement practitioner, facilitating change with both the inner and outer landscapes of the body/mind/spirit through nutrition counseling, strength coaching, and energy work.  The guidance I share is a fusion of modern nutrition/body science and principles in ancient wisdom.  When put into daily practice, I have profound health changes can be made at the physical and emotional level.  

Our bodies are not only how we show up in the world but also our greatest messenger.  I think this is a deserving title for the highest care and attention!  Getting the food “right” is paramount for successful weight-loss and is also a determinant for how you feel in your body at every moment— not just when you step on a scale!  Our eating habits, food choices, and even food fears are a window into our emotional environment. 

That being said, food is about nourishment, not restriction.   You will be introduced to different habits, body/food focuses, meal planning techniques, belief system guidance, and education on all the “why’s” throughout our time together.  In my experience, connecting to the fullness of your intention and understanding the roadmap is the key to sustainable change.  That is why this is not a “calorie counting program”.  We will check in with caloric intake, but maintaining your new physique after these 60 days will be based on two things: 

1) increased level of awareness and self-care/love

2) improved hormonal environment

Think of metabolism as the SUM of hormonal communication.  Our aim each week is to continue shifting your internal environment so your outer/physical world expresses what you desire!

This is ALL about YOU.  Become a witness to what holds you back, what overpowers you, where you control, where you need structure, etc.  Then connect to what you really, REALLY want to feel, believe, and be.  Establishing a healthy relationship with food can be an incredible gateway to accessing a sense of freedom in your life.   As we explore together, you will likely find your body to be a very poignant messenger, too.