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4 Days and 4 Nights in Puerto Rico

  • Whole Health RESET -

    • AM Green Juices

    • 2 Locally-Sourced Meals/Day

    • Holistic Nutrition - Cooking, Preparing, Rewiring Habits

    • Daily Movement and Meditation

    • Nervous System Restoration

  • Beach Front Resort

  • Nature Hikes and Adventure!

  • Transportation to and from Airport (at a scheduled time)



Katie Petersen

Is a force with an extraordinary heart who has touched so many people with her gifts. She is as knowledgeable as she is passionate about Movement and Whole Life Wellness. She teaches through language of the body, helping people fully experience their intrinsic strength and wisdom.

Katie is the lead lifting coach of the un-parallelled PRT Kettlebell Strength Program and Community in Chicago; though her skill set spans far beyond weight training. She also leads cutting-edge nutrition programs that empower people back into their natural state of wellness. She is a Community Builder, Spiritual Guide, Reiki Healer and expert in Nutritional Counseling. Her compassion, and deep respect for her work translates into some of the best physical/spiritual experiences you will ever come across.

A day in the life

6:00am Coffee and Tea

6:30am Oceanside Meditation + Flow

7:30am AM Digestive Wake UP

8:30am Breakfast - Prepare Green Juice Smoothies

9:30am Move Time - Paddleboard, Hike, Fitness/Yoga Class

12:30pm Lunch

2:30pm Free Time - Swim, Relax, Read, Reflect

5:30pm Higher Health Class - Embodied Movement, Discussion, Cooking, Crafting

7:00pm Dinner

8:30pm Wine and laughter!

why we have so much fun in paradise!

It’s simple. When we move our bodies, we come alive.

When we place our hearts in the wild arms of nature, our energy shifts.

When we play, sweat, laugh, and meditate in community, we feel happier and healthier inside and out.

On this transformative, soul-lifting retreat, we intentionally Embody higher health, confidence, strength, and adventure to impress shifts of consciousness that can never be lost.

Together, we remember how great it feels to let ourselves shine.


Each room features a private bath and ocean views.


Each room features a private bath and ocean views.


  • TBA

Payment Schedule:

  • Upon Registration: $500

  • TBA: 50% of Remaining Balance Due

  • TBA:: 50% Remaining Balance Due


  • Airfare

  • Alcohol Purchases

open to all walks of life…

We work together with love and reverence for all styles of movement, yoga alignment, wellness, fitness and spirituality, supporting a teaching style where everyone is welcomed and honored and celebrated.