Your Personal Nutrition Consultant!

Looking for weight-loss? Increased muscularity? More energy? More often than not, you are working hard in the gym, even cutting calories, and still not seeing the results you should.

Diet is not always about eating less food, it is about eating the right food.  Discover the missing link for your body and learn how to feed your muscle, while blasting fat!

Katie provides ONGOING SUPPORT with a CUSTOMIZED NUTRITION PLAN.  Her meal planning program comes in high demand due to her hands-on approach, continuously growing knowledge, and improved conditioning of her clients.  She will guide you on every aspect in your daily routine, from supplementation, cardio, and training, to the most integral component: a nutrition plan specifically designed to YOU.

Nutrition Package
from 450.00

All packages include initial consultation and re-assessment meetings, progressive nutrition plan, relevant eating-for-your body lesson plans/goal setting, on-going monitoring, supplement recommendations, and guidance on cardio type/duration/frequency

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For General Nutrition or Competition Prep:

  • Biosignature Modulation (Body fat testing and hormone analysis, Contact for details!)
  • Nutrition Packages:
    • 4 Weeks - $450
    • 8 Weeks - $550
    • 12 Weeks - $625
    • 6 Months - $800