"Katie Petersen is a force with an extraordinary heart who has touched so many people with her gifts. She is as knowledgeable as she is passionate about movement and our bodies.  Katie is a kettlebell guru, cutting edge nutritional coach, and is recognized as the “trainer’s trainer”. She is more than a motivator — she is a guide, a healer, and a woman who influences anyone who works with her to make life long change. Her compassion, and deep respect for her work translates into some of the best physical/spiritual experiences you will ever come across."  - Tracy Bleier

I see the athlete inside of everyone and EMPOWER men and women to experience the potential of their own bodies.  Together we potentiate whole wellness, through mindful strength-building, balanced nutrition, and awareness practices to embodying a confidence that transcends far beyond the gym floor. 

Professional Achievements

  • KETTLE PRT, Co-founder/owner-operator

  • Active Evolution, Co-founder/owner-operator

  • RKC-Team Leader     

  • NPC National Figure Competitor (2008-2012)

  • Soft and Strong Transformational Retreats, Co-founder/owner-operator


  • RKC-Level II (Kettlebell Instructor)

  • RKC- Level 1 (Kettlebell Instructor)

  • PCC Certified Instructor    

  • Reiki Energy Healing – Level II

  • Biosignature Practitioner

  • Precision Nutrition Counselor

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (2007)

    Katie’s Fitness Background:

    I have been training professionally since 2006.  I believe the body loves to play. Each workout is a fusion of movement practices: from yoga flows to barbell deadlifts, we practice soft and strong!  I First picked up a kettlebell in 2006, when I began professionally training, and there was no turning back.  I had the privilege of working with incredibly skillful teachers who helped shape my own training philosophy.  I loved the way the kettlebell workouts made me feel--challenged, powerful, connected.  You cannot just do.  You have to learn; think; now stop thinking; and PRACTICE.  I liked that it was hard...that I couldn’t master each movement without putting in the work.  We don’t become better by just “going through the motions”.  We expand through mindfulness and intentional action.

    I put off my goal to become a certified kettlebell instructor (RKC) to begin a journey of fitness competitions.   After competing for 5 years under the tutelage of the BEST coaches in the business, I absorbed invaluable wisdom in guiding a body to peak physical condition.  The meticulous manipulations of a competitor’s diet sparked my pursuit to understand everything “nutrition”. I certified as a Precision Nutrition Consultant to help clients nourish their bodies from the inside-out and more effectively reach their goals.  (Katie offers 1-on-1 and group nutrition programs).

    In 2012, after my last competitive season, I pursued my old love of kettlebells and am now a Team Leader within the RKC system, co-teaching certifications throughout the Midwest.  In 2014, I co-founded KETTLE PRT, a lifting competition that gives athletes a reason to come together, train like a team, and push one another to new limits.  I incorporate kettlebells, bands, bodyweight movements and barbells into all of my 1-on-1 sessions and group classes.  The integrated approach has been the most effective system in helping people drastically improve strength, lean body mass, mobility, and overall body awareness.  

    As a perpetual student, my studies have bridged into energy work, consciousness expansion and shamanic practices.  I see these tools to be part of the same embodiment evolution. When we approach the body with greater awareness, and aren’t afraid to turn away, deeper life messages are revealed.  (Katie is available for 1-on-1 Shamanic Healing sessions). The better we can tune into our bodies, the better we can show up in the world.  Human Fitness is not just about exercise…it is how we stand up in our bodies, the food we feed ourselves, the care we give toward our desires, and the words we choose to say to ourselves.  This is life-long practice and passion meant to be shared!