Who Katie Is

Katie is a Body & Lifestyle Coach, who’s skillset has evolved far beyond her initial Personal Training business. She helps people tune into their own rhythms for inner and outer transformation.   She is a Weightlifter, Celebrated Kettlebell Instructor, Strength Coach, Community-builder, Nutrition Counselor, and Reiki Practitioner.  Recognized as the “trainer’s trainer”, she is more than a motivator — Katie is a guide, a healer, and a woman who influences anyone who works with her to make lasting, life long changes.  

Career Background

Katie has been training professionally since 2006. She has been privileged to work with masters in the strength and fitness industry from the beginning. Katie spent 5 years competing as nationally-ranked NPC Figure Athlete, and continues to coach bikini, figure, and bodybuilding athletes to the national level. Her passion for heavy lifting is balanced by mindfulness practices that upgrade whole-body wellness.

Katie is part of the leadership team for the RKC, a national certification for kettlebell instructors. She is the co-founder/owner of KETTLE PRT, a biannual lifting competition and workshop hub, uniting the Chicago fitness community year-round. She teaches weekly kettlebell classes in Chicago that incorporate meditation for nervous system repair.

Katie is also a certified nutrition counselor, offering unparalleled nutrition programs on a personal and/or group platform. Her broad experience in healing and nutrition work delivers a method for people to feel nourished from the inside-out and more effectively reach their physical goals.  

“When we approach the body with greater awareness, not turning away from what we feel, deeper messages can be understood.” - Katie

Her work bridges modern science and ancient wisdom, empowering people to consciously create their own realities. Her diverse toolset of mind-body-spirit care helps people break through old limiting beliefs and rewire healthy physical, mental and emotional patterns to harness whole life changes. Katie uses movement to converse with the body and teaches her clients to practice greater awareness whether swinging a heavy kettlebell or getting heated in an argument. Clear communication makes it simpler to choose better ways of feeling, moving, and responding.

Active Evolution symbolizes our power to choose - the foods we choose to nourish ourselves; the desires we choose to deserve; the words we choose to say to ourselves; and the way we choose to show up, in our bodies, in all areas of life. Katie will help you navigate wherever you are asking to go - whether the day calls for a soul-shaking strength workout or a heart-opening energy shift, breakthroughs are guaranteed. 

Professional Achievements

  • Active Evolution, Co-founder/Owner-Operator


  • Higher Heart Retreats, Co-Founder/Owner-Operator


  • KETTLE PRT, Co-Founder/Owner-Operator


  • RKC-Team Leader, Certifying Kettlebell Instructor    


  • Iron Maiden, RKC Strength Mastery Title, 2015

  • NPC Nationally-ranked Figure Competitor/Coach



  • Reiki Practitioner – Level I and II

  • Shamanic Apprenticeship

  • RKC Certified Instructor-Level I and II (Kettlebell)

  • PCC Certified Instructor (Progressive Calisthenics)

  • Biosignature Practitioner (Hormonal Assessment)

  • Precision Nutrition Certified Counselor

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer