Katie Petersen. Founder. Trainer.


  • RKC Team Leader
  • RKC Instructor, Level I and II
  • Co-founder of KETTLE PRT
  • PCC Instructor
  • Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner
  • Precision Nutrition Counselor
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • NPC National Figure Competitor 2009-2013 (COMPETITORS WELCOME!)
  • Reiki II Energy Healer

Katie Petersen, founder of Active Evolution, graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor's in Marketing and Psychology. Her movement into the fitness industry rooted from an ongoing desire to excel athletically and promote a healthy, active lifestyle to those around her.  Not long after her first corporate job began, it ended, as Katie followed her aspiration in 2006, to help others discover their own health and fitness potential. 

Her objective is to empower men and women to feel strong, healthy, powerful, and confident.

She sees herself as both teacher and student, continually absorbing information, to provide the best platform for her clients’ success.  Staying educated on the most current research, along with putting it to practice in her own daily life, has ensured constant growth in her own training systems and coaching abilities. 

Katie began training for figure competitions in 2008 and was a nationally ranked competitor in the NPC, by 2009.  Six years of competition experience prepared her with the knowledge and discipline to not only take her own physique to its peak physical condition, but to also coach several women into the national ranks alongside her.  The meticulous manipulations of a competitor’s diet initiated her desire to understand everything “nutrition”.  Katie pursued a Nutrition Consultant Certification (Precision Nutrition) and began guiding both her own and other trainers’ clients on getting their food right to realize faster results.

Katie has continued expanding on her nutrition and training services by certifying in several areas of specialization, including kettlebells, power plate, and Biosignature hormone assessment.  She incorporates a fusion of training techniques and styles to best match her clients’ needs.
Whether the goal is to burn fat, build strength, or simply feel better, you can expect a comprehensive program and dedicated coach.  Katie truly loves her work and is passionate about sharing the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle.