Nutrition Guidance

Are you inspired to take greater care of your body?  

Getting the food “right” is paramount whether you want to lose body-fat, increase strength, feel vibrant and energized, or all of the above! Katie offers a cutting-edge approach to nutrition that delivers life-long results. She artfully blends the the precision of nutrition-science with holistic practice, uncovering YOUR intuitive body guidance.

LOVE the way you feel, look, live.

Receive a customized Nutrition Program based on your hormonal profile*, lifestyle, and higher health goals. Katie offers a unique method of coaching that progresses your meal plan and wellness protocols according to specific body adaptations. Experience a healthier mindset around food, body, and all areas of life.

*Biosignature Modulation - hormonal profile analysis based on correlation between body fat storage (12 sites) and hormonal imbalances. Specific nutrition, supplement, and exercise protocols are assigned based on your specific readings.

4 Week RESET - $800

I need a little bit of structure to get moving

Reconnect with your best nutrition practices in this 4-week clean up!

  • Progressive Nutrition Program

  • Supplement and Exercise Protocol

  • 2- Biosignature Assessments

  • 1 - 1 hour Coaching Call

  • 1-on-1 Coaching via email

  • Accountability Check-ins

8 Week SHIFT - $1600

I’m looking for GENUINE change in my body

Embed a new framework and understanding for lasting habit change! Expand your knowledge, practice, and consistent experience of higher health.

Includes all features of the 4 Week Reset:

  • + 4 Weeks Ongoing Meal/Health Plan Changes and Support!

  • +1 Extra Coaching Call (2 hours total)

  • +Body Awareness Practices

  • +Customized Program to enhance Hormone Communication, Body-Brain Connection, and Optimal Physique!


I want to be the creator of my health and well-being

Explore beyond the physical body into emotional and mental gateways of transformation. Unstick old thought patterns/habits and reclaim your creative power in your physical world!

Includes all features of the 8 Week Shift

  • + 1 More Coaching Call (3 hours total)

  • +Alginment and Self-Care Routines

  • +Detox Practices

  • +Weekly Journal Practices, Mindset Exercises, and Accountability Checkpoints

  • A lifelong practice of Body-Brain-Inner Guidance Alignment that will sustain healthy eating, moving, and living patterns for long-term change.


How we get started

Schedule a Consultation - Purchase a package and/or Contact Katie to schedule an appointment -Intake of current body/life experience, daily habits, health history, and goals. *Biosignature Modulation and baseline measurements will be taken.

Nutrition Prep Handbook - You'll receive step-by-step guidance on how to implement the starting plan, meal prep, track biofeedback, supplementation, starting habits, and more.

Habit Shifting - You'll spend the first 5-7 days adjusting to new habits and wellness protocols before beginning the meal plan.  

Meal Plan-  Begin the starting meal plan and receive adjustments based on your feedback and body responses throughout the duration of your program.

Ongoing Process - Each process shapes to your body’s needs. This may include shifting Estrogen Balance, Guidance on dinners-out, Improving sleep, or Unlocking emotional triggers.