Nutrition Guidance

Are you inspired to take greater care of your body?  

Getting the food “right” is paramount whether you want to lose bodyfat, increase strength, feel vibrant and energized, or all of the above! Katie’s offers a cutting-edge approach to nutrition that delivers life-lasting results. She artfully blends the precision of bodybuilding nutrition with 15 years experience in biohacking and uncovering intuitive body guidance. Bottom Line: You deserve to love your body and feel nourished..  

Each program is ALL about YOU.   The Meal Plan is developed to meet your hormonal environment (Biosignature reading) and adjusts to your body’s response..  The plan must work for you!  Following structure takes inner doubt off the table, freeing capacity for change.  With each process, Katie offers support into a greater state of awareness and trust of your own body’s knowing. 

Basic Nutrition include a progressive Nutrition Plan, Biosignature Assessment and Re-measurement Sessions, Supplement Recommendations, and Personalized Coaching.

Awakening Health includes the Basic Nutrition program and also invites internal exploration to authentically anchor long term transformation.  Experience a healthier mindset around food, body, and all areas of life.  Through guided integration, you can release "old" patterns/habits, emotional blocks, and limiting self talk. This is your rewrite!

  • Basic Nutrition Program

  • 3 - Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Journal Practices, Mindset Exercises, and Accountability Checkpoints

  • Workout Guidance and Self-care Routine


  • $150 - Nutrition Consultation + Biosignature Assessment

  • $75 - Biosignature Reassessment


  • $600 - 4 Week Basic Nutrition

  • $900 - 8 Weeks Basic Nutrition

  • $1300 - Empowered Health

  • Contact for details on 12-week Competition Prep!